Once there was a prince.

He had a room filled with wonderful things. But the prince was not happy with his room. So he called on the wisest people to fix things.

Excited at this opportunity, they energetically looked about. First, they said:

"Remove this chair. It doesn't belong here."

The prince had the chair removed. Then the prince looked upon the new room.

"It's still not good."

The wise people had their doubts. They'd done this before. But the prince was the wisest, who could doubt! So more changes must be in order. And surely the prince knew what to do. The paintings in the room were removed and changed with new paintings, brought in from far nations.

"Prince," they said, "this must be right!"

The prince, capricious as always (although, uneducated as he was, he didn't know the meaning of the word) looked around.

"It's not right."

The artisans pondered what was next. They removed the rugs, changed the wallpaper.

"This isn't right", said the wise prince.

The artisans grew concerned, but the prince, this precocious prince, this long-standing prince, must know better than anyone else.

"Bring back the chair", said the prince.

They were confused, but still the artisans did as asked. What was old was new again. For a moment, the prince was pleased. A respite for everyone.

But this didn't last.

"But everything is wrong", said the prince.

The artisans took a break, frustrated. They gathered together at a place in the hidden forest. One of them, at long last, decided out how to make the room right. The next day she approached him.

"Prince, I ask this. Can you please leave the room just for a moment." And he did.

Everyone looked around. Artisans, paupers, servants alike. They looked at each corner, each spot, every aspect of the room.

And finally, yes, they all agreed, yes finally, the room was right.